Here is a bit about our decision to become a foster family.

We're new to this! It all started with the passing of Timber. He was our 9 year old Bernese Mountain Dog who I have had since he was 8 weeks old. My heart was broken and I was sure that there wasn't another dog in my future for quite some time. However, we rescued a Lab/Pit mix three and a half years ago and I think he may have been more heartbroken than me and my husband. Ghilley is our wild man. There is no way of stopping his tail, the dog is a maniac! Not the case after that day. He wouldn't eat or drink didn't want to play; he wouldn't even snuggle which is what he does best. Poor Ghil just sat on the edge of the couch being sad.

So, we decided something must be done.

Enter Gracie. I got in contact with a few people I had "met" through Facebook. North Carolina has a lot of high kill shelters and I've been tempted to snag a few pups but I knew 2 was my limit. Just by chance another foster family needed to downsize a bit and move one of their dogs to a new foster home. Gracie is a one and a half... maybe 2 year old pit who has brightened Ghilley right back up. She has also helped perk me and my husband as well.

Fostering is a big step to take and even though I am a somewhat experienced dog owner there is a lot I wish someone would have told me. I am starting this as a platform for fostering. We will feature tips, tricks, stories, and happy tails!

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